Fully Outsource, Do-It-Yourself or something in between - What's right for your business?

Every business is different - and many factors such as how you interact with your customers, how you bill and collect money and your ownership structure have an effect on what your business needs in your "accounting department".

At BALANCED, we serve businesses of all shapes and sizes - from the one person sole-proprietors to the international partnerships.  And we customize our services to streamline the business operations and keep costs down.

Some business owners just need a little help every now and then to keep them on track.  They don't spend more than a couple of hours a month on their bookkeeping or payroll - and it's not interfering with their other duties.  That's why we created the Do-It-Yourself (with Help) services to give business owners to the tools and support they need.

Other business owners aren't so lucky...  Often owners are so busy taking care of their customers that they get behind on sending out their invoices.  Pretty soon their cash flow is getting thin because they can't get the invoices out on time - even if their customers are paying on time.  Payroll for more than a few employees can quickly become too much to handle.  It can all become very time consuming and frustrating very quickly. 

And every hour wasted doing basic tasks is an hour that could have been spent generating revenue or adding new customers.  It's a cost/benefit decision that's different for every business.

We've learned over the years not to force a one-size-fits-all approach to business services. Outsourcing to a team of professionals will get things done in half the time - and you know it's being done right.

We can work with you to determine the best mix of tools and services to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business.