Why pay for a bookkeeping service AND a payroll service?

While many other firms are afraid of handling payroll services, BALANCED believes in providing comprehensive accounting solutions for business owners.  

Why pay for a bookkeeper and a high-cost payroll service? 

And the big secret that the large, corporate payroll providers don't want to discuss is Tax Payments.  With most payroll firms, your tax liability payments are taken from your account on the same day as payroll funds.  These payments aren't due to the IRS for another week or month or maybe not until the end of the quarter.  That's your money, being held up to a month, that could make a big difference in your cash flow.

With BALANCED, we make these tax payments electronically, the day they're due.  We don't believe you should loan your money to big corporations or the IRS.

BALANCED provides the same high-quality payroll processing services as the big boys at a fraction of the cost.  And we provide the efficiency of working with one provider to fulfill all of your accounting functions - including the payroll and tax filing services that put fear in the hearts of some bookkeeping firms. 

Efficient, Cost Effective and Accurate.